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American Style Rhythm


American Style Rhythm is AfroCuban in origan. 

Cha Cha Cha

Hippy and flirtatious, Cha Cha Cha was created by composer Enrique Jorrin, who slowed down his mambo music to allow more people to dance. In doing so, they added a triple step to the dance, thus the onomatopoeia of shuffling feet was born - the cha cha cha, if you would.


Musical birth is from the "Danzón-Mambo" 

4/4 time. Birthdate - 1953.


East Coast Swing began as a training tool for Lindy via codification and standardization of figures, and elements within the Arthur Murray dance studios. 

The basic has both 6 and 8 count patterns - switching Into Lindy Hop, West Coast Swing, and Charleston patterns. 



Both a family of musical rhythms, and a family of dances, the Rumba originated in Africa and made its way into Cuba. 


Origin - Afro- Cuban

Birthplace- Havana Cuba. 

Birthdate - 1910 

Creator - Folk 

Dance type - Latin/Couples



What happens when you combine the feelings and emotions of soft melodic drums, candle light, and slow passionate love making with dance steps? Bolero. 

Bolero is the bedroom dance, the dance of love making. Slow, deliberate, passionate, yet intense. 


Bolero Son (the type of music we dance Bolero to) is the father of Bachata Music.



The king of cool, Patrick Swayze brought Mambo to the big screen in "Dirty Dancing" 


The granddaddy of Salsa and the origin of the cha cha cha was the Mambo. Mambo was born out of Afro-Cuban roots. The word "Mambo" means "Conversation with the gods" from the Congo language. When one dances Mambo as cool as Swayze, moving with another body, conversations with the gods are sure to occur!


Mambo, is not salsa. What delineates Mambo from salsa on 2, is that mambo does not use beat 1. Salsa on1, and Salsa on2 both dance 123, hold 4, 567, hold. Where as Mambo dances hold 1, 234, hold 5, 678.


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