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International Style Standard 

Danced around the World, Standard Style dance never leaves "Closed Position"

Slow Waltz

When one thinks of a forbidden dance,we think of Lambada. But the Slow Waltz was The Forbidden Dance of the 18th and 19th Century, and It was Scandalous. Body contact while dancing in "Civilized" countries did not happen until the Waltz emerged. So when Waltz appeared, it was quickly forbidden for its sensual nature. Now revered for its beauty, class, and elegence. Waltz is breathtaking to watch. 


Danced in 3/4 time, and danced at 28 Measures per Minute. 

Waltz (Vienesse Waltz)

International Style Tango, is quick, sharp, yet the softest of all of the dances allowing it to be the snapiest. 

Tango has its roots in the Argentine Tango. When the English brought it back, they added their culture and technique to create an entirely different dance. 


Danced in 4/4 time, 32 Measures per Minute.

Slow Foxtrot

Grace, control, beatiful music. Slow Foxtrot is the closed verson of Fred Astair's dancing.

The epitome of Classical Ballroom is waltz, commonly called Vienesse Waltz. The mesmorizing beauty of all couples circling the floor in harmony is wonderful, and Waltz best decribes this. 


Danced in 3/4 time, at 60 Measures per Minture.


Fast, bouncey, lively, filled with energy and flying across the dance flloor!

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