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Questions about Ballroom Dancing?


See what others have asked below.  If you don't find the answer to your question, please feel free to send us a message or give us a call!


I have two left feet


Don't worry!  We have instructors who are skilled in making ballroom dance easy.  We start off with the basics and we start off slow.  Our goal is for you to have fun and learn without being overwhelmed.


I don't have a partner


No partner needed!  Our group classes rotate partners so that you get to meet new people and practice your dance steps with many different partners whether you are leading or following.  


How do I convince my husband/boyfriend to try dancing?


We are conveniently located next to Victoria's Secret (Northgate) and a sports bar (Dayton)...


I'm getting married and we need serious help with our First Dance


Let us help!  We love working with wedding couples and bridal parties to help create a magical first dance experience or a unique bridal party number.  Contact us to schedule an appointment - your consultation and first lesson is just $30!


What do I wear to class?


Just wear clothing you're comfortable in - whether that be skirt, jeans, slacks, t-shirt, button-down, a dress, or a scuba diving suit (just kidding about the last one).  Avoid flip flops and shoes with rubber soles. 


Can I hire you to teach a class or perform at my private event?


Yes, we do performances and teach group classes at corporate, church, social, charity, and school events.  Drop us a line and tell us the date/time of your event and what you're looking for.


Should I take group or private lessons?


There are advantages to both, and we recommend a combination of the two types of lessons.  Group classes are great for meeting new people, practicing steps you've learned, and learning to dance with different partners (whether you're leading or following). The drawback of group classes is the absence of personalized instruction from your teacher.  Private lessons are wonderful for smoothing out and polishing steps that you've learning in group class, getting ready for a specific event (i.e. a wedding), and refining your technique and musicality.



Do you offer classes for children?


Stay tuned!  We have big plans for children's programs - to include ballet classes and Princess Camp!  If you would like to be placed on an email list to be notified of kids classes, please send us a message and let us know.  If you are looking for a specific class for your child, please specify that as well.


For ballroom classes, if your child is at least 12 and able to participate in a mature fashion, they are welcome to attend adult group classes.  Parent signature needed for participation.


What are the monthly dance parties?


Dance parties are for everyone - all levels of dance!  We start out with a group class at 6pm, and then have open dancing from 7-9pm.  It is a fun environment to practice all the things you've learned in your group classes and private lessons, meet other people who are learning to dance, and socialize with friends (light snacks provided).

You made it all the way to the end!  We'd love to hear from you!  If you have other questions, shoot us an email.  Or if your questions have been answered, let us know you'd like to enroll in our new student special!

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