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American Smooth 

Nothing describes the origins of American Style Smooth better than Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers gliding, twilring and tapping across the screen. Holding hands, in frame, dancing solo, or side by side, the beautiful couple were always in sync - This is American Smooth.In American Smooth, we are allowed to sperete from closed hold allowing for more creative freedom and the inclusion of broadway  and even theatrical elements. Thus creating a  distinctly different form of expression than what we find in the stunning International Standard style.

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As with all waltz's the time signature is 3/4, which sepereates it from the other dances. The American Smooth Waltz is faster in tempo than its Standard counterpart. Waltz, can be the Princess Dance, or a dance of Romance.


The Fred and Ginger dance, the Icon of Cool. American Style Foxtrot. 


Angry? passionate? In love or lust? Pick any or pick all. American Tango's charater comes in all forms. This Tango has elements of the Argentine Tango, Standard Tango, and Pasodoble all in one.

Vienesse Waltz

The Fred and Ginger dance, the Icon of Cool. American Style Foxtrot. 

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